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About Us

Bangladesh Massive Open Online Courses


BMOOC (Bangladesh Massive Open Online Courses) is an initiative of BacBon. It is the largest online educational platform covering all aspects of education, starting from the lower secondary to the tertiary level of education. It provides a great opportunity for every learner from home and abroad.  It caters to the needs of a large audience including the secondary and higher secondary level students, university admission seekers and job seekers. BMOOC has been created to spread the light of knowledge everywhere by leveraging the ICT for Bangladeshi Students. This platform expects to bring revolutionary transformation in Digital Education.

Organizing the Conference: “First International Conference on digital Education Dhaka”, September-2, 2015.

We organized the “First International Conference on digital Education”, Dhaka, on September 2nd, 2015. The aim of organizing the conference was to bring all the initiatives on ICT-based teaching-learning initiatives in a single platform, to promote “digital education” countrywide, to aware policy makers about the ongoing revolution in “digital education” and to promote policy reforms to revolutionize e-learning initiatives.On the brightest side, around 600 people joined our conference including 84 international guests mostly from Japan and also from different countries worldwide.